theresa nanigian
two souls in one breast, 2009


Series of 13 lambda prints, diamond mounted, dimensions vary from 76 x 76 cm to 122 x 165 cm

Artist book, 104pp, hardbound, full colour 


two souls in one breast was created during a critical juncture in Ireland's recent history with the Celtic Tiger just on the wane and the deep recession only beginning to pick up steam. The work consists of a series of large-scale photographs whereby the captivating landscape of the small village of Enniskerry provides the backdrop for allegories of contemporary Irish and Western life. These images are set against two additional strands of research in the form of statistics, text and silhouette portraits published in an artist book.

As curator and writer Cliodhna Shaffrey sums up in the book's Afterward, "Nanigian's portrait eschews any easy or comforting notions of place and touches a darker nerve at the heart of this locality. In her capacity to combine many moods, thoughts and reflections she shines a light on the recorded fragments of a small village only to allow us to see a bigger picture. And, while her narrative clearly aims to resonate beyond, it also finds a rare beauty here that sparkles through and out of the transformations".

two souls in one breast is a commission by the Wicklow County Council under its Percent for Arts Programme.



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