theresa nanigian
Travelogue, 2012


Series of 15 outdoor posters, dimensions vary from 29 x 42 centimetres to 3.048 x 6.096 metres

Animation on outdoor advertising Transvision screens, 60 seconds



Travelogue is a celebration of the human drama played out on public transport in Dublin every day and the behind-the-scenes complexity and commitment required to keep people moving. Travelogue was posted across the public transport system in the greater Dublin area during the first two weeks of May 2012 - on trains, trams, buses and at points where people board them - at over 2,350 sites ranging from posters inside buses and trams to 48-sheet billboards and animated screens in train stations. Travelogue also includes a website where the public can view the complete set of stories and mindmaps.

To explore the small, undocumented tales of the daily commute, Nanigian embarked on a series of "residencies" across all public transport providers, collecting travel stories and gathering data. The stories that emerged from this nine-month investigation are heart warming, poignant and often hilarious. They are the quiet confessions told to taxi drivers from the back seat of the cab, stories of lost luggage and lost souls, small acts of charity and heroic gestures of emphathy. Travelogue is a demonstration of the wit and humanity of the people of Dublin as they travel around the capital city.

Travelogue is a commission by the National Transport Authority in conjunction with the Dublin City Council and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal and South Dublin County Councils.


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Poster design by Propeller, Galway

Website design by Claire Nidecker

Installation photography by Ros Kavanagh



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