theresa nanigian
master of my universe, 2017

Photographic prints on fine art paper, dimensions vary from 75 x 75 cm to 152 x 152 cm

Photographic print on polycotton, 221 x 336 cm

Installation consisting of 31 cases with objects & text plaque, dimensions vary

48 text plaques, 42 x 29.7 cm

master of my universe
 is the second chapter in Nanigian's national tour just a bit extraordinary. This body of work considers the middle developmental stage of adulthood often preoccupied with earning a living. Here the artist engages the vendors on the boardwalk of Venice Beach, California as her subject. The guardians of this 'sidewalk circus' are a diverse range of nationalities, ages, socioeconomic status and personal histories, who display an equally quirky spectrum of merchandise, entertainment and personal philosophy. master of my universe draws on work from Nanigian's California residency including text, photography, autobiographical narratives and a 'merchandise museum'.

The just a bit extraordinary tour is comprised of three chapters in which the artist has chosen an equal number of idiosyncratic groups, loosely aligned to a particular stage in psychosocial development, to serve as her muse in exploring the expression of identity across the lifespan. just a bit extraordinary is curated by Aoife Ruane, Director of the Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda. The tour received a Touring Award from the Arts Council of Ireland and is sponsored by Drogheda Credit Union.

Photography with Peter Connor.

Installation photography by Ros Kavanagh.
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