theresa nanigian
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1 ice storm, 2005


Single channel video, 3 minutes 52 seconds


The development of 1 ice storm began as a catalogue of consumption, but very  quickly expanded beyond a laundry list of tangible goods and services to include significant experiences, relationships and events.  What started out as a task to articulate the dangers of materialism, evolved into more of an exercise in remembering and exploring how one's identity is, in many ways, defined by the specific brands, music, food and other detritus of a particular place at a particular time.  By tracking the remnants of a specific individual's material culture in reverse chronological order, the work also poignantly illustrates important milestones and how these landmarks can influence the ultimate course of a lifetime.

The resultant seemingly cold, impersonal roster of statistics is presented as the rolling credits at the end of a feature film, formulating a portrait of sorts, in the 'credits' of one's life.  Whilst specific to a particular individual, 1 ice storm also instigates a personal tallying on the part of the viewer - not as a means of comparison to the 'Joneses', but hopefully, as an opportunity to celebrate a journey thus far.


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